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Hampshire Web Design - Who Are Webgloss?

How Webgloss Began

web designers Hampshire
Established over 15 years ago.
Set up by a computer programmer.
Still run by that same programmer.

Webgloss was established by Jane Renfree, a computer programmer, in 2001. It has now grown to become a Hampshire web design company with clients across Hampshire and the rest of the UK, who have been trusting us to look after their business websites for many years but it is still run by Jane.

An IT professional for over 25 years, Jane is originally from Winchester in Hampshire and began her career programming Cobol systems on massive mainframe computers. This was in the day when you had to write the code on sheets of paper, send it away to be punched into cards and then go down to an air-conditioned room to watch the system run on a single monitor. When she first began programming, Jane couldn't believe that someone was going to pay her for having so much fun! She loved it and couldn't wait to get to work each morning to write realms of Cobol code - the magic of making a system work, with everything written from scratch by the programmer, was unbelievable.

The years passed and technology advanced; Jane moved to Gosport and was employed for many years programming statistical analysis systems in Unix & Oracle RDBMS on Sun / Unix platforms, including real time systems analysis & database administration (DBA). She was employed creating complete PC systems - from design concept & programming right through to implementation.

Jane often remembered how she had felt, back in the days when desktop computers had just been widely introduced, when designing interactive screen programs on an Amstrad 1640. Prior to this most programs to run a computer at desktop level were written in DOS - just lines of instructions on a dark screen. She wanted to experience the excitement of creating those screens again... and so set up a small web design company in her spare time. There wasn't very much spare time because she had a full time job computer programming and a family with three sons - so the only time to fit it in was during the night... and so began the 'all nighters'.

Eventually web design took over and Webgloss began to grow. Jane's last programming 'job' before running Webgloss full time was leading a team of programmers producing statistics using Java, object orientated programming, for cross-platforms, alongside being a database administrator (Oracle Solaris Operating System) & systems analyst.

Now, with over 15 years of professional web design experience, Jane still runs Webgloss in Gosport, Hampshire and specialises in search engine optimisation for our client websites. She runs her own team - a successful Internet design firm in Hampshire, producing clean, crisp, easy to navigate, Google friendly websites with built in SEO for businesses in Hampshire and throughout the UK.

Jane enjoys talking to Webgloss clients and you won't get any 'techie talk' (unless you want it!) - she will explain everything to you and answer all of your queries about web design. She will make the whole process of getting your business online as easy as possible for you.

web designers HampshireWHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?
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What We Believe

web designers Hampshire
Websites should be affordable by all.
Offer a high standard of web design.
Keep the fees low and allow monthly payments.
No small print.
Absolutely no tie-in contracts.
Give honest, clear advice.

Webgloss believes that websites should be affordable by all. The unfairness of large corporate companies being able to afford the so called 'best' could be avoided on the web if the right web designers offered the same level of web design but at an affordable rate for the smaller business.

Startup companies and the self employed are generally dedicated, hard working people. Many have worked every hour of every day just to try and become established. To compete with the larger companies is difficult - they can purchase more stock at lower cost, they have 'backing' and do not need to worry about where the next salary cheque is coming from.

From the beginning Webgloss wanted to try to even the playing field a little - at least in the world of web design.

We will never make a fortune because we don't charge enough. We believe that you should be able to receive the same standard of web design, SEO and customer support for which many larger web design companies charge so much more.

This is why we keep our fees low. It is not because the quality of our web design is in any way inferior to what you could receive from larger web design firms.

We also hate small print - being unaware of what you have signed up for. Finding out later that you have to 'pay for the rest of the year' or something similar when you want to leave. This is why we plaster our charges across our website. It is why we will never ask you to sign a contract. If you want to leave then you should be able to - easily!

Webgloss thinks that many people in the IT industry hide behind terminology. Computers are actually uncomplicated. Software is pure logic (if written correctly). There is absolutely no need for technical jargon to be used when discussing web design and so we will explain everything to you in plain English. We will never confuse an issue by making it seem more complex than it is and we will always be totally honest with you.

web designers HampshireOUR PORTFOLIO
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What We Love

web designers Hampshire
We love computer programming.
We love web design.
We love coding websites without generators.
We love Bootstrap.
We love seeing our clients become successful.
We love talking to you!

All our developers are computer programmers as well as being web designers. We love computer programming. It's incredible that putting lines of code together can produce such spectacular results - it's addictive!

We also love web design. To combine graphic design with programming and create something that is visually appealing - it's so much fun!

At Webgloss we know the advantages of creating websites from scratch. Ok, it's far simpler and quicker to use a 'template' or a HTML generator, like Dreamweaver or Wordpress but these do not necessarily produce the best web design. If you write the code yourself you have total control of what it is doing. Websites are lighter and quicker to load, they can be maintained more efficiently and there are no unexpected results.

At Webgloss we use a grid system called Bootstrap. Bootstrap is the most popular way of designing websites amongst computer programmer IT professionals because it allows you to produce CSS (cascading style sheets - these control the look and feel of modern web design) from .less variables. It's a hands-on way of producing website code where the end result, if done correctly, is efficient, mobile friendly and lightweight (this means websites load more quickly).

SEO - we still experience a thrill when we see our websites get high in Google; knowing that their website will help a business thrive and become successful.

One of the things that Jane really enjoys is talking to our clients. To keep in touch and find out how their businesses are growing, ensuring that we're doing everything we can to help.

web designers HampshireWHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY
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Inexpensive Web Design Hampshire - £22 a Month - Webgloss, Gosport Local Web Designers
  No Design Fees      Easy Monthly Payments      Absolutely No Tie-In Contracts
  Mobile Friendly Web Pages      Google SEO Included      Updates Included

Get In Touch with Our Hampshire Web Designers at Webgloss

If you need a Hampshire web designer to build a new website for your business then why not give Webgloss a go? With no tie in contract and a low monthly charge there really isn't any risk. We'd like to design a draft for you and perhaps continue from there - if you like what we do!

There are many web designers in Hampshire and it can be difficult to make the right choice. We've been designing websites for a long time and can help you with the whole process - from start to finish. Have a look at our web design portfolio of clients, read through our website and compare us to others. Hopefully we will be offering exactly what you need.

If you'd like help or have questions then please just get in touch to speak with Jane to discuss any aspect of web design or read our FAQ for further information.

inexpensive web design Hampshire
inexpensive web design Hampshire

Webgloss provides web design for Hampshire startups and larger businesses across Hampshire & the UK. With pay monthly, high quality, low cost web design you can be sure of receiving a well designed, professional website for your Hampshire business. If you are a startup business in Hampshire then a website with no set up fees and no contracts gives you a great way to begin. Our web design service allows you to get online quickly with very little initial outlay - just £41! Your first monthly fee of £22 plus your domain registration fee of £21. For established businesses our websites can make all the difference to your overall costs. Fairly priced web design that can get you high up in Google. Our services include: web design Hampshire, web designers Hampshire, web design Gosport, web designers Gosport, small business websites Gosport & startup websites Hampshire.

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