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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right Hampshire web design firm?

  • Choose well established web designers with a phone number!

    Many Internet design companies do not stay in business for very long. You need people you can trust to take care of your business web design; people who will be there when you need it updated.

    Our Hampshire web designers have been designing small business web sites for over 10 years and many companies in Hampshire already trust us with running their websites. You need to be able to contact your web designer by phone, not just an anonymous form or 'ticketing system'. When things happen you really will need to speak to someone! It is therefore wise to choose a web design company that you can contact easily and that is well established.

    At Webgloss we use email but our phone number is also published all over this website - we like to talk to our clients!

  • Have a good look at their portfolio of websites

    Have a good look at their client base and check that they are actual businesses, not just 'invented' to show examples of what they could do if they did have clients.

    There should be a large portfolio on their website listing plenty of websites that they have created for clients, with links to the actual sites online - if they have 12 or fewer examples, then you should really find a more experienced Hampshire web design firm. Take a look at our portfolio to view just a few of our clients.

  • Do their web design charges include hosting & updates?

    Ask how much everything is going to cost. It's amazing how many web design firms charge extra for hosting. They give you a price for your website but they forget to mention that you have to pay server costs to host your website on the Internet. And some charge £50 an hour to update your website!

    Webgloss charges include site updates as well as hosting on a fast business quality server. The quality of the server really does matter because if people have to wait too long for your site to appear then they will just move on to another - time is money!

  • Do they really know what they're doing?

    Creating a website is easy, especially with the 'generating' software that is available these days - you can even do it online for free without any HTML code touching your hard drive! You press a few buttons, choose a few images and you have a website! The problem is that they don't always look very professional and they hardly ever appear high in Google listings, so people cannot find them when they search the Internet.

    Teenagers frequently create a few websites for family or friends and then feel that they could make some money by calling themselves a web design firm. When you contact them, how are you supposed to know that they're actually in their Mum's back bedroom? The dangers here are obvious. Many actually know very little about web design or getting the site a high listing position in Google. Most find that marketing themselves is so difficult that they obtain very few clients, get bored with the whole thing and then give up. Where does that leave you - the client who has entrusted their website with a now non-existent company? At the very least your website could disappear. At the very worst you could lose your carefully chosen domain name.

    Your website is the window on the web to your business. Often it is the first impression that someone will have of you and the services you offer. It's importance should not be under valued and you should think very carefully about who you entrust it to. Our Hampshire web designers all come from computer programming backgrounds and we know what we're doing. The advantages of web design done by professionals are too numerous to list. Sites perform better in Google, they are maintained efficiently, ongoing optimisation can be applied to them and they give you a web design that will give your visitors the right first impression of your business.

  • Talk to them!

    Talk to them and make sure that they are easy to understand, that they make things clear and, most importantly, that they take a genuine interest in your small business. Make sure that they are professional web designers - not a company with a different focus who have just 'added on' web design, as they will not have the expertise to manitain a website and keep it high in Google. Talk to their web design clients as well - ask them if they are happy.

    Deciding who should design your business website and how your business is portrayed on the Internet is a major decision and worth putting in time and effort before entrusting it to any web design firm.

Is Webgloss The Right Web Design Firm for You?

  • We Never Hide Anything

    At Webgloss we believe that people deserve to be able to see what they will pay and what web design service they will receive without having to make contact.

    That's why we ensure that all costs are displayed clearly on our website with nothing ever hidden.

    We offer a genuine, Google optimised, 5 page (7 when you include the links and site map pages) website for £22 a month. Your monthly fee includes hosting & most textual updates but not your domain name costs. Domain names normally cost £21 once every year as they have to be renewed with the regulating authorities for you to retain ownership.

  • We Don't Tie You into a Contract

    At Webgloss we don't really like contracts. We had to pay over £200 once to leave BT Broadband. We weren't happy with their service and we we were fed up with having incredibly long phone calls with so called 'technical people' who didn't even know what a protocol stack was (if you're providing a broadband service and you're supposed to be technical then this is pretty basic stuff!) but we were tied into a contract.

    So we never insist that you stay with us. No tie-in contract. Obviously we hope that you don't want to leave us, but if you do then your final payment is due in the calendar month that you leave & we will happily transfer your domain name for a fee of £10.

    We do not 'portion' monthly payments - a full month's payment is due when you join and a full month's payment is due in the month that you leave. With no design fees, if you leave us you cannot take the web design with you. You are in full control of your monthly payments and we will never ask for your banking details.

  • We Limit the Number of Pages for New Websites

    When you're new to us, we restrict your new website to 5 main content pages (plus links and site map pages). This size of website is normally more than sufficient for businesses. It allows you to display plenty of information for your visitors with perhaps a home page, an about page, a services page, a gallery page and a contact page.

    After a while and once we get to know you, you would be able to have more pages added to your site but, if you're looking for a very large site straight away, then you may need a different web design company.

  • We're Eco Friendly

    At Webgloss we're eco-friendly and try to operate entirely over the Internet and the phone, saving on paper and ensuring the minimum use of petrol.

    We decided a few years ago to do this as we could see that we'd have to increase our clients' monthly package payments if we continued to have face to face meetings with our clients.

    We enjoy talking to our clients by phone and have found that it's unecessary to have long meetings to produce effective small business web design but, if you feel that it is essential to meet your designer face-to-face then this low cost Hampshire web design firm is not for you.

  • We Are Reliable & Trustworthhy

    We're professional, trustworthy, easy to talk to and have been designing websites for over 10 years. With hundreds of client across Hampshire and the UK you can be sure that you would be choosing a web design firm that will professionally design your business website.

    We're also honest. We believe in saying it 'as it is' with no muffled techie talk to confuse people. We won't blind you with technical terms and we'll ensure that what we say is clear and understandable.

    At Webgloss we will never try to sell our services to you - we're programmers, not sales people.

    We don't really like those sales people who keep phoning and emailing so we ensure that we never do this. We'll listen to your requirements; we'll explain what we could do for you... and then we'll leave you alone. You won't receive any follow up sales calls and there will be absolutely no pressure to have a site with us.

  • We Like To Talk!

    Ok, sometimes you will find that our phone line is engaged but our clients tell us that they really appreciate the fact that they can get hold of us by phone.

    So many web designers are 'out and about' and hard to reach for days and this can cause problems when you really need to discuss an issue.

    Email is an excellent form of communicating but often things become much clearer when you can actually speak to someone.

    At Webgloss we like to talk!

Ok, what do I do next?

  • Think carefully about the content

    You may already know what you would like on your website or you may just know that you would like a website!

    Either way, you will need to think about the way you would like your website to advertise your business to people using the Internet. You will need to have plenty of information about your business so that visitors can get a really good idea of what services or products you are offering. Perhaps you have already done some advertising and have the copies on your computer? Maybe you have a logo? Dig these out so that you can send them to your potential new web designer.

    Perhaps you could type a few phrases into Google for your type of business and check out the competition! See what they have decided to show on their websites and think about the way that you would like to compete.

    Your website, designed correctly with the right content, should be a brilliant marketing tool for your company.

  • Decide on topic titles and images

    Think about the main topics for your site's web pages; for example, most companies have a services page, perhaps a gallery page and a contact page - but your requirements may differ.

  • Give Us a Call

    You may telephone us on 0845 8382206 & you can be sure that the conversation will be devoid of 'techie talk' unless you specifically ask for technical information! Jane can also help you with everything you need to do - you are not left confused after talking to her!

    We will ask you to email us your company logo, if you have one, and sufficient information for us to create a draft layout for your website. We'll ask a few questions about your business and your expectations. Hopefully we will gain a good idea of what kind of web design you would like for your business website.

    We will offer to design a draft layout for your web design, so that you can see the type of website that our web designers in Hampshire could provide for you but there will be no obligation at this stage.

    If you decide that you would like us to design your new website, once you have seen the draft, then we will create the full website for your business.

  • How long does it all take?

    Following on from you viewing the draft web design, once we have received all the content and information for a full website from you, a business package 5 page (7 pages with links and site map) website normally takes three weeks to complete and go live online.

Get In Touch with Hampshire Web Designers at Webgloss

If you need a web designer to build a new website for your business then why not give our Hampshire web designers a go? With no tie in contract and a low monthly charge there really isn't any risk. We'd like to design a draft for you and perhaps continue from there - if you like what we do!

There are many web designers in Hampshire and it can be difficult to make the right choice. We've been designing websites for a long time and can help you with the whole process - from start to finish. Have a look at our web design Hampshire portfolio of clients, read through our website and compare us to others. Hopefully we will be offering exactly what you need.

If you'd like help or have questions then please just get in touch to speak with Jane to discuss any aspect of web design.

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