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What is Mobile Friendly Web Design?

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A while ago Google decided to release the news that websites should be designed to pass their 'mobile friendly' test. Many websites do not pass this test but can be viewed and still look good on mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

One thing that is crystal clear is that a website being 'mobile friendly' does not necessarily mean that the same website is professional, looks good or does its job - it merely means that it passes the Google 'mobile friendly' test.

Responsive Web Design is the process of building a website that is able to adapt to a number of different sizes of screens. It will 'respond' to the size of screen it is being viewed on. Some elements of the website may be coded to only appear on larger screens, eg. large images, or they may be coded to 'respond' to the size of the screen, ie. those large images will reduce in size when viewed on a smaller screen.

Many web designers now design two websites for a client (not a good idea) - one that looks good on a desktop computer and one that looks good on smaller screens, such as mobile phones. This is not necessary with responsive web design. But... responsive web design is more complex and it is much easier to instead design two different websites. Unfortunately, designing two different websites has implications for search engines, especially if there is a 'landing page' on your domain where the visitor has to 'choose' which site they want! This is not a good way of creating business websites.

It is still debatable whether websites designed for mobiles actually do better in the Google search engine. Many studies have been done that show that there is no difference between the success of a website that passes the Google mobile test and one that does not.

Although Webgloss's new websites are now all designed so that they pass the Google 'mobile friendly' test, no amount of media queries or responsive design will ever be a substitute for a website is that it is accessible to all, has good solid content and has been designed professionally with clear navigation. Google does recognise this, which is why many sites that do not pass the 'mobile friendly test' are still high in the Google Search Engine, even when used on mobile phones and tablets.

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