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web designers Hampshire

web design Hampshire

Are We The Right Hampshire Web Design Firm For You?

We're Not Sales People

We will never try to sell our services to you - we're programmers, not sales people. We'll listen to your requirements; we'll explain what we could do for you... and then we'll leave you alone. You won't receive any follow up sales calls and there will be absolutely no pressure to have a site with us. You need to be enthusiastic & let us know if you'd like us to design your business website.

You'll Need To Be Able to Describe Your Business

To produce the right website for you we will need to discuss your business with you and gain a good understanding of what you do. We are unable to advise unless you are happy to give us the detail.

We Need to Be Able to Communicate With You

If we cannot get hold of you, either by email or phone, then we cannot work with you. You will need to be able to use email, check it regularly and have a working phone line (either landline or mobile). You would need these anyway for a website so that customers can contact you!

There Are Some Types of Sites that Webgloss Does Not Design

We do not design websites for businesses where the only source of income is online advertising. You need to either provide a service or a product for us to accept you as a client.

We're Eco Friendly

At Webgloss we're eco-friendly and try to operate entirely over the Internet and the phone, saving on paper and ensuring the minimum use of petrol.

We decided a few years ago to do this as we could see that we'd have to increase our clients' monthly package payments if we continued to have face to face meetings with our clients. Meetings take time and time costs money - it's a fact!

We talk to our clients every day by phone and do everything necessary to produce effective websites that meet our clients' requirements, but, if you feel that it is essential to have meetings with your web designer, then Webgloss, with its low monthly charges for web design, may not be the right web design firm for you!

We Limit the Number of Pages for New Websites

When you're new to us, if you choose our Business Package, we restrict your new website to between 5 and 8 main content pages (plus links and site map pages). The £10 a month Mini Pixels Package is a single page website.

This size of website is normally more than sufficient for the majority of businesses. It allows you to display plenty of information for your visitors with perhaps a home page, an about page, a services page, a gallery page and a contact page.

After a while and once we get to know you, you would be able to have more pages added to your site but, if you're looking for a very large website straight away, then you may need a different web design company.

Inexpensive Web Design Hampshire - £22 a Month - Webgloss, Gosport Local Web Designers
  No Design Fees      Easy Monthly Payments      Absolutely No Tie-In Contracts
  Mobile Friendly Web Pages      Google SEO Included      Updates Included

Get In Touch with Our Hampshire Web Designers at Webgloss

If you need a Hampshire web designer to build a new website for your business then why not give Webgloss a go? With no tie in contract and a low monthly charge there really isn't any risk. We'd like to design a draft for you and perhaps continue from there - if you like what we do!

There are many web designers in Hampshire and it can be difficult to make the right choice. We've been designing websites for a long time and can help you with the whole process - from start to finish. Have a look at our web design portfolio of clients, read through our website and compare us to others. Hopefully we will be offering exactly what you need.

If you'd like help or have questions then please just get in touch to speak with Jane to discuss any aspect of web design or read our FAQ for further information.

inexpensive web design Hampshire
inexpensive web design Hampshire

Webgloss provides web design for Hampshire startups and larger businesses across Hampshire & the UK. With pay monthly, high quality, low cost web design you can be sure of receiving a well designed, professional website for your Hampshire business. If you are a startup business in Hampshire then a website with no set up fees and no contracts gives you a great way to begin. Our web design service allows you to get online quickly with very little initial outlay - just £41! Your first monthly fee of £22 plus your domain registration fee of £21. For established businesses our websites can make all the difference to your overall costs. Fairly priced web design that can get you high up in Google. Our services include: web design Hampshire, web designers Hampshire, web design Gosport, web designers Gosport, small business websites Gosport & startup websites Hampshire.

Web Design for Hampshire from Webgloss in Gosport
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