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Web Design for Google & Other Search Engines - SEO

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Webgloss concentrates on optimisation for the Google Search Engine which is the most popular search engine in the world.

There are no guarantees with Google positioning but 99% of websites designed by Webgloss are on Page 1 of Google!

We always follow the rules set by Google as cheating is not necessary to achieve a good position. Well designed, genuine websites do not need tactics such as hidden text which could jeopardise your search engine positioning permanently.

Submissions are included in your monthly package fee as is ongoing Google optimisation. We regularly check the performance of all our client websites in Google.

Check out our client sites in Google

All our websites are optimised for Google with relevant search phrases. The results show how successful we are in gaining top listings.

No additional fees are paid by any of our clients for our standard Google optimisation.

Promises to get you on page 1 of Google are meaningless unless the search phrase is relevant and actually used by people searching for a business like yours. All the search phrases we use are relevant - they have not been constructed to 'just make the results look good'. This is a serious consideration when looking at search engine results as the key phrases used must be those that people really will type into a search engine when trying to find a website.

Some firms will tell you a load of rubbish

There is no guarantee of a free listing with any major search engine and any web design firm that advises differently is advising you incorrectly. Webgloss advises that you think very seriously before parting with any money to firms offering wonderful guaranteed results with search engine listings. Amazingly, even Google receives the spam emails that begin..

"Dear google.com, I visited your web site and noticed that you are not listed in most of the major search engines and directories..."

Google advises: "Reserve the same scepticism for unsolicited email about search engines as you do for "burn fat at night" diet pills or requests to help transfer funds from deposed dictators."

Be very careful

Cheating doesn't usually pay in the long term and tactics such as 'hidden text' can cause Google to ban your website from their search engine.

Webgloss will never use 'hidden' text on your website. A few years ago it was common for web designers to design a business website and include all the necessary key phrases many times in text that was white on a white background, or hidden using tags that prevented display. This was in an attempt to fool the search engines' indexing software and eventually the major search engines all found out about it. Google treats this kind of cheating very seriously and may even remove your business permanently from their search engine if it finds that your site contains hidden key words.

The best way forward is to have a site that faithfully represents your business without using any underhand techniques. There is no reason why your business website, if properly designed, should not receive a good listing by Google and if a web designer suggests techniques such as using hidden text, you should reconsider whether they are really the right design company to entrust your business web presence with.

Some 'linking' campaigns may also be dangerous

Google also gives this quote they received from a business so be extremely cautious and don't believe the hype that lands in your email box!:

"We have been on the internet since 1996 and had always taken a very conservative approach on our site. For nearly a year though, we were bombarded by emails from third party linking programs, which stressed the importance of linking for relevancy.

Finally, we broke down and joined one of these programs. Unfortunately, the program used hidden links, and Google removed us from the index within a week. I guess it's true that anyone can get fooled into buying snake oil." - Frank, owner of a limousine services company.

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If you need a web designer to build a new website for your business then why not give our Hampshire web designers a go? With no tie in contract and a low monthly charge there really isn't any risk. We'd like to design a draft for you and perhaps continue from there - if you like what we do!

There are many web designers in Hampshire and it can be difficult to make the right choice. We've been designing websites for a long time and can help you with the whole process - from start to finish. Have a look at our web design Hampshire portfolio of clients, read through our website and compare us to others. Hopefully we will be offering exactly what you need.

If you'd like help or have questions then please just get in touch to speak with Jane to discuss any aspect of web design.

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Low Cost Web Design Hampshire - Websites Affordable for Everyone
Just £22 a Month with No Tie-In Contract!

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Web Designers Hampshire - No Initial Fee No Tie-In Contract Updates Included Hosting Included SEO Included - All For Just £22 a Month

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